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Graphics Design

Graphic-design is the process of formatting, illustration, and photography. This product involves around symbols, images and texts are created and combined to form visual representations of ideas and messages.
The importance of graphic designing course is something which derives advertising and attracts you. It plays an important role in today’s modern competitive global environment and has become an integral part of any business and occasion. The course involves the stylization and presentation of text. A good design should effectively communicate the message of the sender to the target audience using tools of visual communications to brands. Moreover, the layout of a page gives you a feeling and mental position in mind of product. If you need to choose your career as a graphic designer, TASCO IT College is the right place to turn that dream into reality. When your interest is your work, you shine brighter than any other person in that field. Joining Graphic Designing courses In Lahore will also increase your potential to earn good Salary in software or media houses. Graphic Designing Field also allows working online as a freelancer and earning money online with home base jobs. Anyone who has interest in Designing Course in Lahore and want to choose Designing field for his career, can join TASCO IT College “Best Graphic Designing Institute in Lahore”.
The graphic designing courses are designed to fulfill the requirements of beginners as well as professional designers. Who wish to enhance their skills of visuals in order to design more attractive and appealing layout.  Graphic designing is a perfect field for people who are interested in designs, arts, and computer. To learn how to produce good quality designs, you need to learn about color theories, presentations, and photo-editing programs.
Why TASCO IT College is Best Institute for Designing, because we believe in Practical Training and providing quality education in affordable fee. We provide Laptop in Class Room to facilitate those students who don’t have laptop or can’t bring with them. Trainer also provides individual attention to all the students to Design in proper way, so that’s why every student after completion of this course will be able to start his career as a Graphic Designer. Are you looking for the best institute for Graphic Designing Course in Lahore? Do you like to draw or design? Do you have Interest in Photo Editing, Web Designing, Apps Layout Designing? If your call to these questions is yes, TASCO IT is the Best Choice for Graphic Designing Short courses in Lahore.

Benefits of Graphic Designing Short Course

Graphic designing Course can help you in the following ways:

1. It enhances sales
2. Establish a company name
3. Build goodwill in the market
4. Convey a brand message
5. Unite the employees
6. Encourage professionalism
7. Increase persuasion power
8. Readability of content

Adobe Photoshop

1. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CS6
2. Rulers, guides and grids Layers
3. Layers Styles
4. Transformation
5. Working with Text
6. Photoshop Brushes
7. Custom Shapes and Actions
8. Logo Designing
9. Photo Editing
10. Photo Liquify and Puppet Warp
11. Photo Filters
12. Banner and Social Media Post Designing
13. Background Designing
14. Web Layout Designing
15. Apps Layout Designing
16. Games Layout Designing
17. Advertisement Campaign Designing

Adobe Illustrator

1, What is Illustrator?
2. Introduction & Understanding vector graphics
3. Working with Documents
4. Selecting and Transforming Objects
5. Working with Color (RGB vs. CMYK)
6. Coloring with Mesh Tool
7. Working with Paths
8. Creating Shapes
9. Designing with Pen Tool
10. Using Type in Illustrator
11. Working with Layers
12. Drawing in Perspective
13. Logo Designing
14. Visiting Card Designing
15. Pamphlet Designing
16. Social Media Post and Banner Designing
17. Printing, Saving, and Exporting

Corel Draw

1. Introduction to COREL DRAW X7
2. Basic Principle of Designing
3. Drawing shapes
4. Creating custom shapes
5. Colors + Fills
6. Filling objects
7. Outlines
8. Working with artistic text
9. Working with paragraph text
10. Shaping objects
11. Working with bitmaps
12. Using the interactive tools
13. Using the Transparency tools
14. Using the Drop Shadow tools
15. Using the Blend tools
16. Using the Distort tools
17. Using the Envelop tools
18. Using the Extrude tools
19. Illustration Designing
20. Designing a 3D Object
21. 3D Text Designing
22. Social Media Post Designing
23. Logo Designing
24. Visiting Card Designing
25. Pamphlet Designing
26. Brochure Designing
27. Flyer designing
28. Leaflet Designing
29. Flex Designing
30. Letter Pad Designing
31. Stamp Designing
32. Book Cover Designing
33. Advertisement Campaign Designing
34. Final Project Su