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"Get Your Brand to be ranked in the top search heads"


Search Engine Optimization

More Conversions with “organic” and “natural” search Nevertheless, if you’ve never optimized your pages before, it’s not at all uncommon to get 100-500% increase in completion rate from just a few simple changes. However, “search engine” doesn’t like to be fooled, when you are exploring about SEO, it’s hard to differentiate tricks from robust strategies. TASCO IT SOLUTIONS will make your SEO journey as easy as possible with robust bi-weekly and monthly reporting.


Choosing the Right SEO Campaign

Picking up the right SEO team Search engine Optimization is a broad term that can mean anything from posting an image of your product on Instagram to crafting an email subject line to optimizing a blog post for search engine traffic. SEO involves many seemingly disconnected tactics, that’s why choosing the right company is so important.


Lead Generation

Creating excitement and cause customer to purchase Each business is interested in generating leads, making sales, retaining the customer they have and selling them more of the company’s product or services. Achieving each of these goal requires a different approach, however. We help you to achieve what you want your digital marketing to accomplish by identifying objective.


Make your competitor to work for you

Let’s manage Search Engine Intelligence If you want to take a more significant portion of the traffic than your competitor, you must keep a close eye on them. This practice called “Search Engine intelligence.” At a technical level, you required to be aware when competitors are making changes to improve the quality of overall site experience. We will work on SEI to outwit your competitor and take advantages of points they overlooked. As competitor succeeds in ranking for any targeted keyword, your relative edge over them will be diminished. Having even single competitor close to the gap can hurt your keyword ranking and the overall position of the site. Therefore, TASCO IT SOLUTIONS make sure that you are always aware of your competitor changes and direction.

Traffic source

Paying attention to competitors “source of traffic” effort can pay off strategically as well. Because right competitor tests new traffic accruing strategies before public launch. We notify you in advance of these changes to avail maximum benefits.

Research for right strategic decision

The benefit of monitoring competitors is that it allows you to choose up to date strategy. We research your competitor digital marketing model and keep a close eye on the competitors for a while to reveal their online strategy. We explore market size, latest trends, significant industry statistics, and analysis of the market, distribution channels, Opportunities, and associated risks.

What do you want to know?

One of the best use of our competitor analysis, we provide subject to package you chose backlinks, site anchors, organic keywords list, top referring content, top pages by visit, main competing domains, content gap between sites, major competing pages by links & by links growth, high performing content, linked domains, outgoing links, broken links, paid search model, Pay-Per-Click keywords, Ads content, best landing pages.


Google Maps Marketing Is So Important

67% of Smartphone Users Prefer Google Maps Each day increasing numbers of people are employing the Google Maps app, or even local searches in order to find local businesses for their various needs. This is a dramatic change in user habits that is going unnoticed! On the other hand, local SEO is all about being out there noticeably. If there is prominent and professionally done Google Maps Marketing, your business would stand out on top of the search results. People would choose your local business over others with effective Google Maps Marketing. Hence let us start on the road to get your local SEO strategy right. The first step is to claim and verify the Google My Business profile. It is an extremely easy and straightforward process that you can complete in very few steps.



How to select keyword, we think like your customer

Manually research your low competition keywords Always keep your eyes on the competition. If they are smart, they are keeping their eyes on you, as well. Watch how your competitors rank for specific keywords, watch what they are doing to try to beat you in the ranking, and always look for places where you have an advantage. Keyword ranking is a zero-sum game: only one No.1 spot exists. We will make sure that you start pursuing low competition keywords. After we choose a keyword manually, we test it by using all significant tools. Luckily, our keyword service designed just for search engine optimization and provides an at-a-glance report showing keyword demand, competition, and quality.

Picking Great keyword

If we use only one rule for keyword research, it’s this: Find the opportunity gaps. No keyword is 100 percent relevant. If more than half of the long-tail phrases using that word are relevant to your business, though, you probably have a winner.