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"We Build Your Ideas"

No matter in which language you want to build your application, project or website.


Digital Marketing

Take your business to the Next Level with the Right Social Media Team At TASCO IT SOLUTIONS, we take our commitment to our clients beyond spreading content on social media. There is far more we can do for you, if you’re ready to reach for the troposphere. We can:

• Carry out a full-scale analysis of your SEO landscape – this will drive traffic to your website by achieving page one rankings in search engines

• Prepare content for LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and blogs.

• Manage Facebook advertising

• Disseminate content on Instagram

In short, we can manage your brand beyond Facebook and Twitter.


Social Media Marketing

TASCO IT SOLUTIONS will provide:

One Tweet every day

• One Facebook Post every day

Tweets and Posts will resonate with your target market. For example:

• If you’re a realtor, Tweets and Facebook Posts can highlight real estate matters, the housing market, and meeting clients’ needs

• If you’re a financial advisor, content will be focused on the financial markets, financial planning, and meeting clients’ needs

• If you’re a mortgage broker, content will be prioritized if it pertains to matters related to mo rtgages, the housing market, and consumers.


Winning Strategies for Facebook Ads

1.35 billion People use Facebook, Daily active users are 684 Million We describe a conversion funnel for each campaign individually. We will use this information later to reverse-engineer your customer behavior. If you know the size of your potential customer. For instance, if you estimate that there are 300,000 potential customers for your service or product and you are only reaching to 5,000 of them in a month, you have a lot of room with the right Facebook Ad’s campaign.



Optimize Instagram Account

90 percent of accounts follow a business on Instagram

Connect passions

Tap into people's passions to create deeper relationships with your business online and off

Immerse visually

Tell your story using unique creative tools and immersive formats that inspire action.

Spark exploration

Connect to new customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones.


Twitter marketing strategies to Boost your Engangement

TWITTER LETS USERS POST IN ANONYMITY In 2019, Twitter has 326 million monthly active users and ranks as one of the leading social platforms based on active users. As of this year, there are a few key statistics every business should know about Twitter:

• Twitter users send 500 million tweets per day

• Tweets with a GIF receive 55% more engagement

Using Twitter to promote your business does not mean that you should leave other social platforms. However, using Twitter with other social platforms will add value. Whether you’re new and owing small business, you can use Twitter to help you grow sales, meet new clients, or convert potential customers.


Convert More Visitor into Revenue

Crafting winning Google Ads and landing page When it comes to designing a perfect campaign and landing page that bring sales. With most business, creative needs to be served with functions, not other way around. With a map in hand, you will need logical and defensible reasons for insisting on creating design decision, and you won’t be easily swayed by the latest trends in web design. No, you won’t win many points with designer, but we are in business to make money, aren’t we? TASCO IT SOLUTIONS can assist at each level from designing and management of Google AdWords campaign to create a landing page for each sale funnel.